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Coffee to ease ethnic tensions?

Coffee brings people togetherThe World Bank PSD blog points to a piece the BBC had on coffee plantations in Rwanda. Apart from producing fair trade and high-quality coffee, coffee growing reportedly produces healing and reconciling effects of joint work by Hutus and Tutsis, fostering understanding and providing “a practical programme (…) that brings people together.”

Here’s more details on this.

Update: After seeing Black Gold, Coffee will never taste the same, reads the blurb. Pienso adds to this the debate on Fair trade at the World Bank blog.


If it’s a fashion, scale it

gapredcampaign2.jpgThe blog at Center for Global Development has a great post on “fashion poverty”.

If the movement to fight poverty among the famous and fashionable (and among the masses of young people who pay attention to them) proves to be just a trend, it will not be because they stopped caring about the poor. It will be because development experts–who work tirelessly studying and writing and knocking on the doors of the policy elite of Washington–forgot to offer them real, scalable solutions.

That doesn’t only apply to the famous and fashionable, but to all the tsunami donors, too, me thinks - and of course this includes all laudable efforts of CSR-departments worldwide: Where are the real, scalable solutions that keep MNCs continuously involved?