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BoP till you drop

bop2.jpgManagement guru C.K. Prahalad gave a lecture to World Bankers at their headquarter on “Democratising commerce”. He has a critical take on an aid industry of governments and NGOs that tends to see the poor as victims to be helped. Instead, he argues for seeing the poor as part of the solution, focussing on wealth creation at “the bottom of the pyramid” (what he calls BoP). To have this less of an abstract guru talk, he backed it up with a number of cases, all of them private sector solutions to development .

However, the PSD blog asks, although these examples are excellent and exciting stories,

How do these solutions “scale” in Nicaragua or Laos or Moldova? With deep respect for Prahalad, I’d like to see more examples of bottom of the pyramid solutions in smaller developing countries. Surely we’re interested in more than the Indian or Chinese or Brazilian pyramid.

Update: Commenting on this, points to their database, searchable by country/region as well as activity type (e.g. water, education, financial services, business development), providing BOP examples from Latin America, Asia, Eastern Europe, and Africa.