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Ethical fundraising

vert-cover-poker.jpgThis weekend’s Observer ran an interesting piece on the UK Tory Party’s fundraising: While Sting and his wife Trudi Styler, Jemima Khan, her partner Hugh Grant and some 26 others paid 10.000 GBP a head to play cards at an exclusive London member’s club, they thought they did so to raise money for an environmental charity. A spokesman for the organiser Zac Goldsmith said, this money had been raised:

for Ecology Grants Ltd, a not for profit company set up to receive non-charitable monies from environmental fundraising events organised by the Goldsmith family. Its aim is to promote sustainable development for the benefit of the public.

According to the Observer, this event was planned to raise thousands of pounds for the Conservative party. The Goldsmith spokesman is further quoted saying:

However , should the decision be taken to pass some of the money raised to the Quality of Life Policy Group (QLG), this would not be incompatible with the stated aims of the evening, since one of the QLGs aims is to put environmental issues and solutions into the public remit so that they are picked up by the political process.

Goldsmith is vice-chairman of QLG, the policy group on the environment for the Tory-hope-and-happiness-next-primeminister-to-be David Cameron.

I don’t know how Sting and Co. feel about this, but I wonder, what Cameron’s chief advisor Steve Hilton thinks about this false labeling. I have worked with Steve at Good Business and appreciate him as one of the smartest and sharpest guys I know. If he keeps his lifestyle as it was *and* stays chief advisor to Cameron, a new page could turn for toryism that will further push new labour into shade in their polished, trendy townhouses and airy loft appartments. To me that’s quite in line with what Cameron now experiences: Glamour doesn’t pay.