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Zeichen und Wunder


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update: Here is a critical account of Yunus’ work and “Microcredit as Business” by a CDG research fellow.


Investing in peace: Spurring private sector involvement in peacebuilding

invest_in_peace.jpgPooh… quite an excourse to most topics currently discussed in the world of CSR.

Now, back to “CSR and conflict”: There will be a conference at Wilton Park on above topic. Organisers GPPI (an amazing organisation: 12 people, yet involved with countless things and actors - just compare this with other think tanks, say, neo-con, neo-lib Cato…) and the ministry formerly owned by Joschka work together with Wilton Park on building dialogue between corporates and NGOs. Some interesting encounters: German BMZ-minister Heidi Wieczorek-Zeul will be meeting Heinrich von Pierer (famous for holding the first corporate speech (German original: piererunrede.doc) in front of the UN general assembly), or Jane “Business of Peace” (2000) Nelson meeting Virginia “the role of business in conflict” (2002) Haufler…

I’m afraid I do need to get in there somehow, either as journalist for Ethical Corporation of else asking them for an NGO reduction: after all, although on its last leg, Breaking the Ice gGmbH is still ticking….

And, I’m afraid I will have to ask Mari, if I may postpone my return to Brandeis for a few days; OK Mari? :)