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Does Labour work for CSR?

tories_green_label.jpgThe Worldbank PSD-blog had a look into the CSR-policies of both the British Tory and Labour parties. While David Cameron heavily relies on his Steve “Chief Advisor” Hilton (see my post) and promotes CSR, Gordon Brown (still most likely the successor of Tony Brown, whilst not by government but by Labour appointment) now explains how important it is to

“champion social enterprise, to champion corporate social responsibility and to champion community and environmental action …”

Don’t get me wrong: I think it’s great that Labour now embraces CSR - by and large they are still miles ahead of, say, most German politicians. However, the CSR-Minister appointed by Labour was accused by the CSR-community amongst other things to ghettoise CSR, and only a few months ago Labour supported the half-hearted approach of CSR by the EU (Ethical Corporation has more details).

BTW on German politicians: they still grapple with the issue of whether or not they should apply OECD-guidelines to their procurement).