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Voluntary Sector Initiatives and other New Partnerships

ethical_corp.jpgI attended a conference on Business and NGO partnerships last week. Good for readers of this blog that there was an off-the-record policy which blocked all WLAN and thus prevented me from live-blogging! So you won’t get every breath they took as in that CSR-Conference in October, see my posts on Ed Freeman et al.

Conferences hosted by Ethical Corporation are by and large quite worthwhile their time (disclaimer: I do occasionally work as a freelance journo for Ethical Corporation), and this one was no exception. And, you can imagine that not only for a journo it’s always worth your while to get the information from the horses’ mouth.

The German-language readers of this blog might get a wee brief on this conference at a post in - btw a great multilingual (English/Spanish/German) source for CSR-related issues. All other ones might get the gist of it by focusing on the bold subheadings - plus, of course, following the links below the article.


Starting over…

johnlennon1.jpgAfter there had been little uptake of our blog in 2006 (our own hits not counting…), we discontinued it for the time being. We hope to get it back on track this summer break, extending on readership and content through some viral stuff, CSR-chicks etc.

So please note that there is a ‘comment’ function below each article and please do let us know what you think about the post(s) and the blog so that we can make it more relevant.