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grow.jpgA nice thing about a day of music around climate change: there’s plenty of opinions around, the topic seems to be paramount (I’ll look forward to the evening news…). N24 interviewed a climate change expert from Potsdam. He referred to a study from ISET/Kassel that shows that shows - from engineers as well as ecologists perspective - proof of concept to provide energy for all of Europe through wind power.

And, indeed, why not using the decentralised powers of networked economies in a susidiarity manner - the IT-power for that should be there, if not now than certainly within the next few years.
He says, all it needs is to extend the network and rely thus on a grid that would ensure energy reliability even in peaks - so that whenever there’s no wind in the North there would be some in the South. Again: the big energy utilities do have that, but only on a national basis - clumsy, to say the least, as has been proven a few times already.
That entire debate comes nicely in time with the ongoing discussions in Germany about disowning the four large power utilities (RWE, E.ON, Vattenfall, EnBW) of their network - leaving them with production and sales only. btw this is not a socialists idea, but one that has support from Chancellor Merkel as well as the EU. The big four control about 95 percent of the German power grid. Europe’s most powerful business women, competition commissioner Kroes doesn’t approve with that, as well as a majority of German energy users (err… who’s that again?). Interesting, innit?

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