Lighting the Bottom of the Pyramid

philly.jpgGood news - the IFC/Philips project (see IFC+Philips, a presentation from a 2005 Ethical Corporation conference) takes off now: bogolight!

And there’s even more from Philips: During the “Live Earth” concert, you could text your support, got a text message back that pointed you to a website and invites you to “take action” (well… what do you expect? Buying some lightbulbs, of course), measuring the “impact” and getting “viral”. Great idea of social marketing :(

Hmm. You do wonder why they don’t use this expensive but maybe successful marketing lever for actually pushing the bogolight. Like, suggesting a “2 for 1″ deal, in which every single nifty gadget (would’t that sell that LED-light like hot potatoes to the T3-Generation?) bought with a 100 per cent top-up premium, allowing to ship one for each bought to the development world. But maybe I’m just being facetious here.

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