Sending out an SOS

… so that was that. The loudest SOS in history. Funny though: Was it reality, or is/was it already a film? Just seconds after Sting’s “message in a bottle” closed the show, the credit roll started running over the screen. Live cinemating and with a “copyright” sign at the end. Had no-one advised Al Gore on Copyleft, then? So let me finish for today with linking to the friends from dropping knowledge. Not without a word of objurgation, though: You had a great place in Rostock, but please - next time make sure its a bit safer up there on the wooden floors under the wooden rooftop with all those plastic sleeping bags. One dropped fag (forgive the pun) and it’s all up in smoke!

Good night, I’ll have a quiet sunday, won’t stress your rss-feeds anymore today.

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