Social Enterprise to make a killing (well, not really…)

bcorp.gifOK, we’ve all learned that “at the end of the day” starting a business requires funding. Which is why we buy into the notion of “Social capitalism“. Though I personally like the “stakeholder capitalism” Ed Freeman suggests better — see his prez below the entry plus comment from Marcus Kreikebaum on what that might be.

Anyway, as Elkington/Hartegan suggest three different business models (non-profit, hybrid, and for-profit) within the Social Entrepreneurship space, here is a website focusing on the for-profits. Some very convincing examples included here, food for thought for adapting or inventing your own venture. Wanna bet that this site and its impact will grow?

Even adapting the idea of “B corporation” itself doesn’t sound too bad an idea. Or maybe partnering with them to get some non-US (dare I say German?) companies involved …

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