IBM - Leveling the playing field

kugelkopf_seite_web.jpgIBM and National Geographic invites you to send in a part of your cheek and to see if you’re originally (and genetically) from Africa (I’m a spoiler: Yes, you are). There are a number of other projects available “open source” (IBM-speak for “free and over the net”) that seem to be quite intriguing. Check them out and let me know what you think: PowerUp is a sort of sim-city, complex and within a multi-player environment. Nice and for kids (3-6) is this, for their teachers (who, as Stan Litow, Head of Corporate Citizenship and President of the IBM Foundation, says, does often not have a formal science education) maybe this. For SME, there’s an open source online suite available in “various African languages” (Litow) for Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Zambia and others. And, to top it all up, most of us probably have heard about the virtual supercomputer. It seems to work now.

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