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Is there life after work in China? - probably the most comprehensive source on CSR-issues as they emerge within Asia - ran a research on work-life balance that got prominent coverage by a number of chinese newspapers. After CSR-asia had reported about serious lack of work culture regards w/l in 2004 and called again for it in 2007, a significant improvement have seems to have happened since. And it did not go down unnoticed: Not only that South China Morning Post ran a big report (scanned in, as not linkable), so did Wen Wei Po, The Oriental Daily, Macao Daily News, and Metro Hong Kong. Other unlinkable sources include Other unlinkable sources that carried reports are the Hong Kong Economic Times and The Sun.

The blog of CSR-Asia comments: “Even though the research is excellent and the issue is topical, I am still surprised at the depth of coverage it’s received; editors clearly think that work-life balance is an issue people want to read about.”


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Don’t break my China?

china-oil.jpgA couple of weeks ago, the pension fund of the MEP (Members of European Parliament) divested from Petrochina, China’s state-run oil firm and Sudan’s largest oil partner. The move followed after one of Europe’s largest pension fund PGGM divested. PGGM made the decision only after extensive efforts to have Petrochina engaging over Sudan.

Other large pension funds which have divested from companies because of Darfur include Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffett – USA), Fidelity Investments (USA) and CalPers (USA). However, Petrochina still is a participant in the UN’s Global Compact.

On another note, I wonder if it’s just another case of Fausts “Two souls, alas, are swelling in my breast”, as the concept of the “Harmonious Society” was enshrined as one of the party’s mainstream ideologies at the 17th National Congress (2007):

Guided by the scientific outlook of development, the whole country, from the top authorities on down, is on board for building a harmonious society.

(Please read the entire article in the Voice-of-China’s “China’s Daily” - and let us know if you think that there’s some condescending note buried in there).

Maybe it’s the shiny happy people concept that instigated the membership - only that the top-dogs rather cash in as long as they can. Sounds familiar? Think Enron and Co., just on a slightly larger scale and with a few more casualty. Just a few.