CSR: We will be overcome

Six years on... and still scratching...

Reminiscent the good old time of CSR-postings on this blog, here’s a must-add: Ed Freeman on “the world has changed” and so has business. Interjecting the blogger before this: yep, the net has changed, too. Googling around for a photograph of Ed to accompany the post, the first ten hits relate to Ed “too tall” Freeman, some soldier with a glorious history of being a helicopter pilot in Vietnam.

Ed starts with the problem of the “S” in CSR - and that the distinction between social and economic in reality portrays the problem of a system that prevents change, thus becoming part of the problem. It’s a “very western idea” that there is a rift and therefore a connection to be build between social and economic.

He’s nicely linking up to his work on Corporate Stakeholder Responsibility with Hicks (2007), and of course re-introduces Miles Davis’ “So what?”. Which is what his intro leaves me with - with just being an “intro”.

But I’d never say I’d be a bit disappointed with what he’s saying. He’s just too cool jazz. And maybe it’s just that he wants to set an agenda towards “make capitalism better”?

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