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Good Business

shake_hands.jpgDr. Wilhelm captured the stage again as key note speaker after the dinner (btw an excellent one, don’t get me started on this). Funny enough, he quoted a NEPAD executive’s speech from the opening session of the Bonn IBF conference from the beginning of the week. And, he ends with a brief but true demand: Do business, but do it in a good and profitable way.


The business of business is … peacebuilding

The publication by International Alert defines peacebuilding as broad as its cause: violent conflict is the manifestation of a profound breakdown within a society. “Peacebuilding therefore needs to be a comprehensive transformative process: it is not an adjunct to economic growth, but rather the function of economic growth in conflict contexts.” (p78)

Clearly the meta-analysis approach to conflict (Mari Fitzduff) has arrived.


Local Business, Local Peace

International Alert deserves credit for looking closely at the peacebuilding potential of the *domestic* private sector. In line with the 2005 sector strategy of the German Ministry for Economic Development, this publication shows why business is often motivated to contribute to peacebuilding. There are numerous practical examples in how the private sector in conflict-affected societies can set the agenda for peace and facilitate contacts between opposed conflict parties.

It will be interesting to see how this research will feed into program and policy recommendations - as well as how MNCs can tap into the incredibly rich local knowledge of the domestic private sector.

Update: All documents and transcripts from the conference.