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Good Business

shake_hands.jpgDr. Wilhelm captured the stage again as key note speaker after the dinner (btw an excellent one, don’t get me started on this). Funny enough, he quoted a NEPAD executive’s speech from the opening session of the Bonn IBF conference from the beginning of the week. And, he ends with a brief but true demand: Do business, but do it in a good and profitable way.


Can’t buy me peace, then?

“Do no harm” - The guideline of Mary Anderson has proven to be necessary countless times. When aid is fed into conflict zones it is often ineffective or can even exacerbate the conflict, e.g. through regional or unequal distribution. And whenever business gets involved with conflict settings, they have to be very careful not to fuel existing regional or intrastate conflict. But what happens, if businesses and donor agencies, maybe negotiated by international NGOs, realise that they already are on the same plane - working towards a sustainable environment? There is a hefty debate between donor agencies, how this could work. However, the debate is largely ignored by the business community. This is, what this blog is about.