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Sending out an SOS

… so that was that. The loudest SOS in history. Funny though: Was it reality, or is/was it already a film? Just seconds after Sting’s “message in a bottle” closed the show, the credit roll started running over the screen. Live cinemating and with a “copyright” sign at the end. Had no-one advised Al Gore on Copyleft, then? So let me finish for today with linking to the friends from dropping knowledge. Not without a word of objurgation, though: You had a great place in Rostock, but please - next time make sure its a bit safer up there on the wooden floors under the wooden rooftop with all those plastic sleeping bags. One dropped fag (forgive the pun) and it’s all up in smoke!

Good night, I’ll have a quiet sunday, won’t stress your rss-feeds anymore today.


Lighting the Bottom of the Pyramid

philly.jpgGood news - the IFC/Philips project (see IFC+Philips, a presentation from a 2005 Ethical Corporation conference) takes off now: bogolight!

And there’s even more from Philips: During the “Live Earth” concert, you could text your support, got a text message back that pointed you to a website and invites you to “take action” (well… what do you expect? Buying some lightbulbs, of course), measuring the “impact” and getting “viral”. Great idea of social marketing :(

Hmm. You do wonder why they don’t use this expensive but maybe successful marketing lever for actually pushing the bogolight. Like, suggesting a “2 for 1″ deal, in which every single nifty gadget (would’t that sell that LED-light like hot potatoes to the T3-Generation?) bought with a 100 per cent top-up premium, allowing to ship one for each bought to the development world. But maybe I’m just being facetious here.


Just a thought in between all the music

It’s actually worthwhile to stop for a second and remember that poverty and climate change are intrinsically linked. As we have seen, World Bank, IMF and lots of UN efforts are not producing results on eradicating poverty and in creating sustainable livelyhoods. That’s not a criticism against them, but rather against their role as being a political football (thanks to Michael Hopkins for that term) in a game that still has too many bad actors, bad governments and of, course, bad business.

However, Hopkins stresses, and I couldn’t do more than repeating, that

“the future catastrophe will lead corporations to focus more on their carbon footprint than on their development footprint”.

As conflict is not only intrinsically linked to both climate change and development but indeed the work on it may often provide the missing link itself, we all know that there’s still some way to go on that road of “the role of business in conflict”.


Broaden the net?

grow.jpgA nice thing about a day of music around climate change: there’s plenty of opinions around, the topic seems to be paramount (I’ll look forward to the evening news…). N24 interviewed a climate change expert from Potsdam. He referred to a study from ISET/Kassel that shows that shows - from engineers as well as ecologists perspective - proof of concept to provide energy for all of Europe through wind power.

And, indeed, why not using the decentralised powers of networked economies in a susidiarity manner - the IT-power for that should be there, if not now than certainly within the next few years.
He says, all it needs is to extend the network and rely thus on a grid that would ensure energy reliability even in peaks - so that whenever there’s no wind in the North there would be some in the South. Again: the big energy utilities do have that, but only on a national basis - clumsy, to say the least, as has been proven a few times already.
That entire debate comes nicely in time with the ongoing discussions in Germany about disowning the four large power utilities (RWE, E.ON, Vattenfall, EnBW) of their network - leaving them with production and sales only. btw this is not a socialists idea, but one that has support from Chancellor Merkel as well as the EU. The big four control about 95 percent of the German power grid. Europe’s most powerful business women, competition commissioner Kroes doesn’t approve with that, as well as a majority of German energy users (err… who’s that again?). Interesting, innit?


From good things, big things grow

missy.jpgWhy watch telly-on-the-wee-screen when it’s on TV, dummy? Apart from that I anyway had to soft-fiddle for half an hour to NOT getting sound out of the machine (I normally use iTunes but that doesn’t seem to work here, as the download is sponsored by Mr. Bill…).

Anyway, I’m happy we still held on to a TV-licence - good to see, too, that there’s wee TV-newschannel N24 broadcasting the entire 24 hours LIVE… (I know they barely make a living, but they have great staff and lots of spirit). Well done. Paul Kelly and Missy Higgins just gave a great performance at the Aussie-Stadium, singing the Paul Kelly tune about big things - and now the kids are awake, too :)