About this blog

Comm Unity is a group effort.

We link to official and less official sites from all sectors of the community. This community comments on issues regarding partnerships for peace - mostly with a background in how business relates to these.

As an ongoing effort, this growing collection of [commented] links, articles, case studies, blogs, videoclips, corporate collaterals, old and new media is thought to be our repository of information on aspects of conflict resolution and the coexistence work we would like to focus on.

We have now introduced a registration with ‘handmade’ approval procedure, so: If this blog is still within your RSS-feed, please register now. With this, you can not only continue to lurk and comment but as well send blogposts to “CSR and Conflict” - in wordpress terms, a true “contributor” status.

A few words on formalities:

When contributing, please note the “categories” you find within the blog as well as within your edit-suite (sidebar to the right). Any further category suggestions please mail to torsten.sewing [at] comm-unity.de.

As you will see when posting/editing, you may add “tags” as well. While you, of course, may add new tags, please bear in mind that we already have quite a few, so please do have a look at the del.icio.us tagcloud (see sidebar), to be safe that similar ones have not already been created.

If the “upload-picture” function looks a bit confusing, just leave it and email me the pic you’d like to have (every post should have a pic, graph etc., if possible).

Thanks and keep on blogging :)

The editor responsible for the information published as blog entries is Torsten Sewing, Managing Partner of Comm Unity. Comments and blogposts are only posted after approval by the editor. Just stating the obvious, links or any other items (such as articles, case studies) referred to are not the intellectual property nor within the responsibility of the editor or Comm Unity. At the same time, this of course entails that the information behind some links might no longer be valid or instead to be found at a different location. In this instance, the editor appreciates a mail to

torsten.sewing [at] comm-unity.de